Monday, November 16, 2009

Reagan's Stay in the Hospital

Most of you know all about our visit to the hospital so I will try to keep this brief but I wanted to share just a couple of pictures with everyone. If you don't know the story, here is a quick rundown. Monday, the 19th, Reagan woke up having a lot of trouble breathing. We went to the doctor that morning and he said that it looked like bronchitis. He told us that we could either go to the hospital then and let them do breathing treatments and oxygen. Or we could go home, try and do it ourselves, then go back to him on Tuesday morning and he would put us in the hospital then. We decided to let the professionals do it and went straight from the doctor's office to the hospital.

First thing they did at the hospital was give Reagan an IV in order to give her fluids and medicine. Not fun seeing an IV in your baby. She also was hooked up to an oxygen monitor. Also every two hours she had a breathing treatment. She was pretty confined to a small area because of the tubes and cords. She was not having much fun. I did happen to snap a picture of her while she appeared a little content.
We were in the hospital for three days. Each day the breathing treatments became less frequent and once she pulled out her IV, we didn't have to have it put back in. They just gave her oral medicines. That was a relief.

A fun gift we (I mean, Reagan) received while in the hospital.
After coming home, we continued breathing treatments on Thursday and Friday morning. Our follow-up appointment with the doctor was Friday morning and everything looked (and sounded) much better. Now we have a breathing machine and medicine at home that we can use if ever needed. We hope to not use it much but it does help me feel better that if she ever has major trouble again, we can use that and hopefully avoid another trip to the hospital.

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