Monday, November 2, 2009

Lindsey's "Lindsey" Birthday

Some of you may wonder at the title of this blog. Basically it means Lindsey's party with my family, the Lindsey's (and others). We enjoyed a great lunch at home followed by cupcakes, ice cream and of course, presents.

I think this is the first year that Lindsey actually blew out her own candles. She never has trouble helping others blow theirs out. But when it comes to all eyes on her, she hasn't blown her own out until this year. Yippee!
Cute polka dot tights to go with a really cute pink sweater dress.
One of my favorite games from when I was little. I think this was the first thing to come out of the box for her to play with, too.
Two huge pads of stickers and coloring pages. These should keep her occupied for a while.
She also got this fun Strawberry Shortcake playhouse that has paper dolls. My brother took this great picture of Lindsey while playing with it.
We had a great lunch and time together. Right after everyone left, however, we had to take naps in preparation for the next birthday party.

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