Monday, November 16, 2009

Lindsey is Five!

I think this is the last in the Lindsey birthday series. Hopefully!

I always enjoy taking first-thing-in-the-morning pictures. Unfortunately with the flash these pictures did not turn out very good. She kept blinking when the flash went off because it was so bright. But it is a memory that will last a long time.
Another attempt at getting a picture with her eyes open. Didn't work!
Lindsey is opening her presents from Mom, Dad, and Reagan on the night of her actual birthday. First was her #5 angel. If you don't remember these, my aunt and uncle would give them to me each year for my birthday and I have decided to give them to Lindsey.
Digging in another gift. Love how she just flings the tissue paper to the floor.
A girl and her shoes! Love it!
The birthday girl and Daddy!
Mommy and her big birthday girl!
I can't believe it. Lindsey is five. She is a beautiful child of God and I love her so much. Looking forward to so many more years to watch her grow.

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