Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching Up

Just a few pictures to catch you up. Nothing real exciting but some cute pictures of the girls (mostly Lindsey this time - I'll explain why later).

Just a cute picture of big blue eyes.
My cousins daughter, Emily, came over to play a few weeks ago. I can tell you that it was hard to get a picture of all three girls looking in my general direction. So this is it.
A couple of weeks ago was Cowboy/Texas week at school. On one of those days, we had three of the Six White Horses from HSU come visit. Lindsey rode one named Cotton and loved it.
Here we are on Cowboy Round-up day. Robert was still at home so we were able to get a picture of all three girls.
Lindsey being cute while waiting for the rest of her group.
Playing horseshoes.
Having stick horse races.
Then on Friday, Lindsey was sick. And to top that off, Reagan decided to throw a hard bouncy ball at Lindsey. It hit her on her left eye, turning it a lovely new color.
That is all for now. I know, it wasn't very exciting. Maybe in the next couple of weeks I can entertain you more. We'll see.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Well, Easter is over. But I did want to share with you pictures of our girls on Sunday. Just a little warning - I didn't get a good picture of the two of them together. It just didn't happen this time. Maybe next year will be better.

Here are the girls' baskets loaded up (and overflowing) I may have to look for larger baskets for next year - just don't tell Robert.
Reagan loves her new straw cup and has successfully splattered me with her orange juice when she opens it. Any ideas on how to avoid that in the future?
That would be my hand showing Reagan that she got a canister full of jelly beans. She is a huge fan (thanks, Mimi and Papa!)
Lindsey's turn to look at her basket. She went for the cards first. One from Mimi and Papa and one from our good friends, Caleb and Ashley.
Both girls had new jellies in their baskets. Lindsey loves jellies and has worn them each day already.
Now for the dress pictures. Lindsey wanted to curtsy and this is how the picture turned out. I never knew there was a special way to hold you tongue and mouth while curtsy-ing.
Reagan was not happy with me at all. But, being a mom, ignored that fact and tried to get a picture. Didn't work.
We were actually able to go across the street from our church building for the egg hunt. It has been a couple of years since that has happened due to rain or cold. But Sunday was beautiful (except for the wind). Here is Lindsey with her friends, Morgan, Piper and Finn (and Mabry, Piper and Finn's cousin).
Reagan found another one of those well-hid eggs. But I really do love this picture.
And here is my last attempt at getting a picture of the girls together. Told you it wasn't great.

There you have it. That was our Easter. But before you close this window I wanted to tell you a sweet story about Lindsey. She and I pray together each night before bed. This past week as I was finishing the prayer one night, I said, "and thank you for your Son dying on the cross for our sins. In His name, Amen." She then said, "that was good for you to say that this week since we celebrate Jesus during Easter." I just thought it was nice to know that Lindsey pays attention and is learning about our Savior. With that I'll tell you good bye!

Easter Saturday

Our Easter usually includes LTC and this year was no different. We thought we were going to have a nice and calm weekend at home. Then we found out that Barbara was flying into Dallas on Thursday to help out at LTC. So we changed our plans to include a trip to Dallas on Thursday also. We actually picked up Barbara and Manny along with Robert (who had been in Pensacola earlier in the week) at the DFW airport.

It turned out to be a wonderful weekend and we have lots of pictures to show for it. Here they are...
Each year at LTC, Robert and I take a picture in this same spot with the girls. It is fun to look back and see what has changed from year to year. Reagan loved watching the elevators going up and down - as you can tell in this first picture we took.
This one was a little better - although Reagan didn't quite get the message to look at the camera.
We decided to go to the mall and eat at Cheesecake Factory - one of my favorite places. Here are the girls with Barbara. They were excited to be together (all 3 of them).
Of course a trip to the mall with Aunt Barbara means a visit to Build-A-Bear. Here is the bear that Reagan picked this time. She loved hugging on it pretty much the whole time.
Lindsey and Barbara waiting while the worker finished stitching up Brittany (from the Chipmunks).
After the animals are stuffed, you are supposed to go to the "bath" station and brush them so that there isn't any extra fur that will come off later. The girls (with a little help from Uncle Manny) got their new friends cleaned up.
After the mall, we found a park where the girls could have an Easter egg hunt that Manny and Barbara had planned out. We went to Trinity Park. Growing up in Fort Worth, I went there fairly often for different things but mostly I remember MayFest and also riding the train from the zoo.
Robert and the girls before the hunt began.
Lindsey needed a little bit of help getting this egg down.
Reagan had a lot of fun finding her "well hid" eggs.
So cute!
One of Reagan's gifts was a new snack cup. Uncle Manny decided to put jelly beans in with the goldfish and Reagan quickly decided she didn't want the goldfish and began digging for just the jelly beans.
In some of Lindsey's eggs, they had put pieces of paper that had directions on them. This one said to go tell Robert who her favorite singer was. She told him and then he gave her this book all about Taylor Swift. She was ecstatic. I really wish I had been on the other side so that I would have a picture of her face but oh well.
Lindsey also needed help with this egg. It was in a great hiding spot.
Reagan and Barbara watching as Lindsey finished up her hunt for eggs.
Reagan also got this really cute puppy. It sings songs and teaches colors along with other fun things.
Heading back to the van we went right by the train. Reagan was fascinated with it. I hope to go to the Fort Worth Zoo soon and ride the train. I know two little girls who would love it.
We had a great and busy Saturday. We drove home after all this and not ten minutes down the road, Reagan was asleep. It took Lindsey a little longer since she had these new books to read. But we all had a great time and were ready for Easter Sunday (post to follow soon).

50's Day at YCW

Usually in kindergarten the classes celebrate the 100th day of school but since we only meet on Tuesday and Thursday, Lindsey's class had a special 50th day. First off, they were encouraged to dress in 50's outfits. We borrowed a skirt from a friend. I found a cheap, cute black shirt. We borrowed a pink belt from Ms. April's daughter (which she actually ended up giving to Lindsey. Thanks!). And we searched high and low for a pink scarf for her hair. I think the whole outfit turned out pretty good. Here is Lindsey on her 50's Day.

At school, they did lots of things centered around either the number 50 or the 50's decade. They ordered lunch from Sonic (complete with a vanilla milkshake). They hunted for 50 Hershey Kisses hid around the classroom. They learned the Hand Jive. They hula-hooped. I know there is more that they did but right now I just can't think of it all.

Lindsey had a blast and I know that this will be a day that she remembers for years. Thanks Ms. Anne and Ms. Tiffani!