Monday, April 5, 2010

50's Day at YCW

Usually in kindergarten the classes celebrate the 100th day of school but since we only meet on Tuesday and Thursday, Lindsey's class had a special 50th day. First off, they were encouraged to dress in 50's outfits. We borrowed a skirt from a friend. I found a cheap, cute black shirt. We borrowed a pink belt from Ms. April's daughter (which she actually ended up giving to Lindsey. Thanks!). And we searched high and low for a pink scarf for her hair. I think the whole outfit turned out pretty good. Here is Lindsey on her 50's Day.

At school, they did lots of things centered around either the number 50 or the 50's decade. They ordered lunch from Sonic (complete with a vanilla milkshake). They hunted for 50 Hershey Kisses hid around the classroom. They learned the Hand Jive. They hula-hooped. I know there is more that they did but right now I just can't think of it all.

Lindsey had a blast and I know that this will be a day that she remembers for years. Thanks Ms. Anne and Ms. Tiffani!

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