Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Pictures That Don't Fit Anywhere Else

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel

A very cool place!  A vacation attraction as well as hotel.  We spent the whole day there just walking around and taking pictures.  I need to go to the Gaylord Texan next.  Loved all the fun things to take pictures of.  Enjoy!

Our Nashville Trip

Can you tell today is catch up on blogging day?  Well, since this is Wednesday, the next few will follow the rules of "Wordless Wednesday" - aren't you glad?!?

Robert and I went to Nashville at the beginning of August - mainly for my MOPS Convention but also for a fun vacation on the side.  We stayed with a good friend of ours, Requelle, whose house was flooded last year and Robert led a group to fix it up (rebuild) it last July.  She is great and was a wonderful hostess while we were there.

Ok, that's way more words than I planned so here are the pictures.  If you want to know about some of them, just ask.  :)

I will add a short note here - because this is my future house.  Love it!

Loved Nashville and Franklin.  I WILL go back someday.  :)

Reagan's First Day of School

I am so lucky to have two girls who love school - and have schools (read that teachers) that love them.  Not too long after Lindsey started school, Reagan got to join in the fun.  She started in the 3's class at Young Children's World just after Labor Day.  She has three wonderful teachers - Ms. Julie, Ms. Karen, and Ms. Cindy.  She is having a blast at school and loves to play "school" at home either with me or her animals.  So fun to see her enthusiasm.  

By the front door, of course.

With her huge backpack.  And I promise I fixed her hair that morning - she just has all those little fly away hairs that go everywhere.

 While she was very excited to be there, she wasn't quite ready to have her picture taken with her teachers.  But we took a lovely picture by her cubby and lunchbox.  :)

My Papa is 99!

Back in August my Papa turned 99.  I am so glad that he did too.  We had a great time all together celebrating him at my aunt's house.  We started the day with pictures outside.  They have a great tree that provided lots of shade and "cool" for the pictures.

Here is my family ... my Papa in the middle, his two daughters on either side of his shoulders and then their families around.

Here is Papa with his 6 great-grandchildren (ages 8 months to 6 years)

Papa with his four grandchildren and their spouses.

My mom's side of the family - my parents, my brother and his family, and me and mine.

The kiddos had lots of time to play together - which is great because we are usually not all together at the same time.  Here is Reagan playing with Anna (Heather's youngest).

Here are Andrew (my brother's oldest), Emily (Heather's oldest) and Lindsey (my oldest) playing the piano.

I love this picture because apparently Blake was left in charge of all 6 kids at one time.  Didn't know that happened - we were all in the other room talking and having fun.  Sorry, Blake!

And to end with, I love this picture of Reagan, my mom, and Papa.  They were all happy about something.  :)
Love you, Papa!

Lindsey's First Day of 1st Grade

I know everyone says it but really, where does time go?  Lindsey started 1st grade this year and is doing an amazing job.  She is at Abilene Christian Schools again and has a great family friend as her teacher.  Lindsey was looking forward to moving up to 1st with Mrs. Jinkerson.  Then we found out Mrs. Jinkerson applied and got the principal job at ACS.  So for a few days, I prayed and prayed for a new, loving teacher for Lindsey.  Then I got a message from Sherry Gumm saying to check her "notes" on Facebook.  I looked at it and saw a letter she had written to our church family (since she was the Children's Ministry Coordinator).  Long story short, she was leaving her position at the church to go back to teaching in the classroom - Lindsey's classroom!  We were beyond excited.  We love Sherry, err, I mean Mrs. Gumm!

The obligatory pose by the front door.

 And with her new bag for school.

 And the one and only, Mrs. Gumm!

I Know It's Been Over A Month...

Reagan really did have a birthday party - actually she had two.  Blogger has been having issues (or I've been having issues with it!) with uploading pictures.  So, now that it's September, I'll share a few pictures from her parties.

In Oklahoma....

At home.....