Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reagan's First Day of School

I am so lucky to have two girls who love school - and have schools (read that teachers) that love them.  Not too long after Lindsey started school, Reagan got to join in the fun.  She started in the 3's class at Young Children's World just after Labor Day.  She has three wonderful teachers - Ms. Julie, Ms. Karen, and Ms. Cindy.  She is having a blast at school and loves to play "school" at home either with me or her animals.  So fun to see her enthusiasm.  

By the front door, of course.

With her huge backpack.  And I promise I fixed her hair that morning - she just has all those little fly away hairs that go everywhere.

 While she was very excited to be there, she wasn't quite ready to have her picture taken with her teachers.  But we took a lovely picture by her cubby and lunchbox.  :)

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