Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lindsey's First Day of 1st Grade

I know everyone says it but really, where does time go?  Lindsey started 1st grade this year and is doing an amazing job.  She is at Abilene Christian Schools again and has a great family friend as her teacher.  Lindsey was looking forward to moving up to 1st with Mrs. Jinkerson.  Then we found out Mrs. Jinkerson applied and got the principal job at ACS.  So for a few days, I prayed and prayed for a new, loving teacher for Lindsey.  Then I got a message from Sherry Gumm saying to check her "notes" on Facebook.  I looked at it and saw a letter she had written to our church family (since she was the Children's Ministry Coordinator).  Long story short, she was leaving her position at the church to go back to teaching in the classroom - Lindsey's classroom!  We were beyond excited.  We love Sherry, err, I mean Mrs. Gumm!

The obligatory pose by the front door.

 And with her new bag for school.

 And the one and only, Mrs. Gumm!


Heather said...

Where did you get that cute banner?

Lauren said...

Actually got it at AES when they were closing in May - also have a "Welcome to Kindergarten" one. Think you can find them at Mardel too.