Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just Some Cute Valentine Pictures

We had a fun Valentine's Day. The girls got a few little somethings from us and my parent's sent cards for them. We also tried the new cupcake place in town, Sweet Celebrations. By the way, try them out. Robert got each of us a special cupcake - mine was chocolate with a caramel center. Oh, so good! Then Robert surprised me with a pedicure appointment with a friend. Then Brenna and I met up with the husbands for dinner at Outback. Yum! Then some practical shopping at Target and ended the night at Starbucks, of course. It was a wonderful day!

Snow Days #3 and #4

Now that is it March, I'll fill you in on February. That seems about right, right?

Our third snow day was a lot like our first two. Friends and family came to hang out at our house. We had fun visiting and playing games, eating and laughing. Then on day four, I finally found two recipes for snow ice cream to try. And we did.

Reagan enjoyed only a few bites of the first recipe. She didn't really care for it so didn't want to even try the second batch.
Lindsey tried both recipes and voted for the second. It was the one with the sugar and vanilla added. I voted for that one also.