Monday, May 31, 2010

Meeting Baby Amy Elizabeth

We finally were able to go to Arlington and meet my new niece, Amy Elizabeth. She was born April 16 but we have been busy with college retreats, graduations, and the end of school that we weren't able to go to see them until just over a week ago. It worked out pretty good, though, because it was also my brother's birthday weekend. So we had lots of celebrating to do while there.

Here is Reagan coming to see Amy for the first time. Not real sure about her expression because it looks like she didn't like Amy. Quite the opposite, Reagan loves baby Amy.
Reagan loved looking pointing at Amy's nose.
And Mimi didn't.
We had a fun. It was short but it was a great time. We look forward to trips and holidays together. Watching the four kids laugh, play and occasionally fight, I'm sure. It will be wonderful!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bryan's High School Graduation

(For some reason, blogspot won't let me move the top picture down so you'll just have to bear with me. It is driving me nuts.)

Bryan graduated!!!!! Last Friday night we were able to spend the evening celebrating Bryan and his accomplishments. It was great. The picture above was taken at his house before the big festivities.

This is Reagan and Cason (the Houston's little boy) at the party. They are only about a week and a half apart in age. It was fun watching them play together - especially with the balloons.
Here's the graduate walking in. I must admit, this is a great picture. Or maybe just a great subject.
Bryan led the opening prayer. He does have his cap off in the picture only because he was reminded to do that (after he told the graduates to remove theirs!) It was great.
Bryan and Mr. Craig Fisher
Bryan receiving his diploma from Dr. John Tyson.
Reagan loved all the clapping.
Here he is waiting in line to go and get his roses to give out.
Sorry, Marilyn, this is the best one I have of you two. You had posed but were too close to me to get a good one and then you decided to wave to Barbara and Manny via Robert's iPhone.
Bryan and Grandma Blasingame
Bryan and Lugene (Grandma Lewis)
Bryan and Kimberly (aka Kimmy)
Bryan and Kirsten (the girlfriend)
Reagan barely made it through the night. She was just a bit tired by the time it was all over.

It was a fun night. I know you have all heard this before but kids grow so fast. I started babysitting Bryan when he was about 3 and now he has graduated from high school. I can't believe it. We love you Bryan and know that you will do amazing things with your life.

Last Day of School

The last day of Young Children's World was last Thursday. It was a great year and both girls really enjoyed going. I usually don't get a picture of the girls with their teachers on the first day of school (it's a crazy day and sometimes the kids aren't quite sure what to think of it all). But I do make a point of taking their pictures with their teachers on the last day. So here they are.

Reagan with Ms. Kathy and Ms. Heather. She loved going into the classroom and giving hugs first thing in the morning. We will miss Ms. Kathy (she is moving away) but are hoping to have Ms. Heather again next year in the Young 2's class.
Lindsey with her teachers, Ms. Anne and Ms. Tiffani. I love both of these ladies. Lindsey loved having them as teachers and learned many things from them. I will miss them both - neither one is coming back to teach at YCW next year. But I know they will be blessing some other children's lives in what they do.
Here are my precious girls once we got home after that long day. I love how their hair is a mess. It did not start out that way in the morning. I promise!
We had a wonderful year at school but are excited about the summer and the fun we will have. Lindsey is already looking forward to going to kindergarten in August and pretty soon will be counting down the days. They grow up way too fast.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lindsey's End of the Year Program

Last Monday night was the Young Children's World end of the year program. This was Lindsey's last year to be in it and she did great. My class also performed so I wasn't able to take pictures but Pops did and even got pictures of some of the slides that Lindsey was in. Here are the slides...
During Christmas, the Pre-K acted out the story of the birth of Jesus. Lindsey (and all the other girls) played the part of an angel.
This is Lindsey and Campbell on their "safari". They found a giraffe.
This picture of Lindsey was taken during community helpers week. This day was builder day.
50's day - Lindsey is on the left. They were learning some of the dances from that era.
Lindsey, London, and Campbell during May Farm's visit.
Cowboy Day - Lindsey is "toasting" a marshmallow while eating homemade butter on a roll.
Here is a shot of Lindsey just before beginning their songs.
I don't remember the song but they are singing about listening.
Don't remember this song either. Something about the darkness. Can you tell?
"Fixing My Eyes on You"
Our family after the festivities. This is the best one I got - unfortunately Lindsey's mouth looks goofy. Oh, well.
Lindsey with a few of her friends - Mallory, Jared, and Campbell.
We had a great time and I am kinda sad this was her last year there. I will continue teaching there next year and Reagan will be there but without Lindsey, it will be very different.

But, she will be in plenty more programs. I've already gotten an email from her music teacher for this next year about the Christmas program in December. Talk about organized!

Fun With Corduroy

Each weekend during the school year a student in Lindsey's Pre-K class took home a teddy bear named Corduroy. Well, Lindsey's turn came the last weekend before school was out. She waited and waited and waited to be able to take Corduroy home and that time finally came. We didn't have much planned for the weekend but we did have fun.

Here are Lindsey and Corduroy making personal homemade pizzas.
This also happened to be my birthday weekend so on Friday night, Tiphanie came and babysat while Robert and I went out to dinner and movie. Tiphanie had the fun thought to take the girls (and Corduroy) to Jacob's Dream. They had a lot of fun posing and taking pictures.After taking lots of pictures, they decided to go eat at Red Robin.And of course Corduroy went with us to church on Sunday morning. I was sure to keep him with me while Lindsey went to Children's Church and class.We had a lot of fun with Corduroy. I kept telling Lindsey that her teachers wanted to save the best for last (even though with some of the other kids, Corduroy went to Disney World and Disney Land - that was nothing compared to our fun, right?).

College Retreat 2010

Our college group at church went on their spring retreat back at the first part of May. But with it being May and having graduations, end of year stuff, sick girls, and many other things I am just now getting around to posting about it. Hope you haven't been waiting on pins and needles for these posts and pictures.

Robert decided he wanted to take the group to New Mexico and do some fun outdoorsy type things with them. We started out by camping overnight in El Paso on Friday night. That was a long drive but we made it only to find out that it was a primitive campsite. That means no running water (at all). The bathrooms were pretty interesting and pretty scary since we didn't get there until well after dark (oh, I forgot to mention there was no electricity either). Needless to say, I was not liking it much at all.

The morning was a much happier time for me. I could actually see where I was walking and what I was doing. The area was pretty but without water and electricity, I don't think I'll be going back there again.

After packing up camp, we drove to City of Rocks (north of Deming, NM). It is basically a bunch of boulders in the middle of nowhere. Fun to see and climb all over.

Me and Robert surrounded by rocks.
Here is a rock that looks like a dinosaur. Barbara and I had our picture taken on this same rock formation back in 2000 before Robert and I were married. Fun memories.
Robert and I are always looking for pictures that we have taken of God's creation to print and put up on a wall at our house. When we were at City of Rocks in 2000, we took a picture in this same spot and have it on our wall. This one turned out very neat too.
The girls looking a little scared. Don't worry, they made it out okay.
Robert letting the other guys do all the hard work.
Greg climbing.
Laura and her bean.
Tiphanie climbing. This was before she injured herself.
Zach helping Greg out of a tight spot.
Zach and Greg acting goofy.
Tiphanie on a rock waaaaay out there.
Another rock that Barbara and I found. This one reminds us of those old fashioned hairdryers.
Robert climbed up on this really big boulder to check out what might be in the hole. His whole arm fit in there and touched the back. Nothing was living in there at the time. Thankfully.
Oh no, Laura is stuck.
Nice hairdo, Courtney.
See how amazing this place is?
Next up - the rest of day 1.