Monday, May 31, 2010

Meeting Baby Amy Elizabeth

We finally were able to go to Arlington and meet my new niece, Amy Elizabeth. She was born April 16 but we have been busy with college retreats, graduations, and the end of school that we weren't able to go to see them until just over a week ago. It worked out pretty good, though, because it was also my brother's birthday weekend. So we had lots of celebrating to do while there.

Here is Reagan coming to see Amy for the first time. Not real sure about her expression because it looks like she didn't like Amy. Quite the opposite, Reagan loves baby Amy.
Reagan loved looking pointing at Amy's nose.
And Mimi didn't.
We had a fun. It was short but it was a great time. We look forward to trips and holidays together. Watching the four kids laugh, play and occasionally fight, I'm sure. It will be wonderful!

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