Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Day of School

The last day of Young Children's World was last Thursday. It was a great year and both girls really enjoyed going. I usually don't get a picture of the girls with their teachers on the first day of school (it's a crazy day and sometimes the kids aren't quite sure what to think of it all). But I do make a point of taking their pictures with their teachers on the last day. So here they are.

Reagan with Ms. Kathy and Ms. Heather. She loved going into the classroom and giving hugs first thing in the morning. We will miss Ms. Kathy (she is moving away) but are hoping to have Ms. Heather again next year in the Young 2's class.
Lindsey with her teachers, Ms. Anne and Ms. Tiffani. I love both of these ladies. Lindsey loved having them as teachers and learned many things from them. I will miss them both - neither one is coming back to teach at YCW next year. But I know they will be blessing some other children's lives in what they do.
Here are my precious girls once we got home after that long day. I love how their hair is a mess. It did not start out that way in the morning. I promise!
We had a wonderful year at school but are excited about the summer and the fun we will have. Lindsey is already looking forward to going to kindergarten in August and pretty soon will be counting down the days. They grow up way too fast.

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Leah said...

They are so grown up! Beautiful girls.