Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun With Corduroy

Each weekend during the school year a student in Lindsey's Pre-K class took home a teddy bear named Corduroy. Well, Lindsey's turn came the last weekend before school was out. She waited and waited and waited to be able to take Corduroy home and that time finally came. We didn't have much planned for the weekend but we did have fun.

Here are Lindsey and Corduroy making personal homemade pizzas.
This also happened to be my birthday weekend so on Friday night, Tiphanie came and babysat while Robert and I went out to dinner and movie. Tiphanie had the fun thought to take the girls (and Corduroy) to Jacob's Dream. They had a lot of fun posing and taking pictures.After taking lots of pictures, they decided to go eat at Red Robin.And of course Corduroy went with us to church on Sunday morning. I was sure to keep him with me while Lindsey went to Children's Church and class.We had a lot of fun with Corduroy. I kept telling Lindsey that her teachers wanted to save the best for last (even though with some of the other kids, Corduroy went to Disney World and Disney Land - that was nothing compared to our fun, right?).

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