Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lindsey's End of the Year Program

Last Monday night was the Young Children's World end of the year program. This was Lindsey's last year to be in it and she did great. My class also performed so I wasn't able to take pictures but Pops did and even got pictures of some of the slides that Lindsey was in. Here are the slides...
During Christmas, the Pre-K acted out the story of the birth of Jesus. Lindsey (and all the other girls) played the part of an angel.
This is Lindsey and Campbell on their "safari". They found a giraffe.
This picture of Lindsey was taken during community helpers week. This day was builder day.
50's day - Lindsey is on the left. They were learning some of the dances from that era.
Lindsey, London, and Campbell during May Farm's visit.
Cowboy Day - Lindsey is "toasting" a marshmallow while eating homemade butter on a roll.
Here is a shot of Lindsey just before beginning their songs.
I don't remember the song but they are singing about listening.
Don't remember this song either. Something about the darkness. Can you tell?
"Fixing My Eyes on You"
Our family after the festivities. This is the best one I got - unfortunately Lindsey's mouth looks goofy. Oh, well.
Lindsey with a few of her friends - Mallory, Jared, and Campbell.
We had a great time and I am kinda sad this was her last year there. I will continue teaching there next year and Reagan will be there but without Lindsey, it will be very different.

But, she will be in plenty more programs. I've already gotten an email from her music teacher for this next year about the Christmas program in December. Talk about organized!

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