Monday, May 24, 2010

White Sands, Sitting Bull Falls, and Carlsbad Caverns

After spending most of the morning at City of Rocks, we drove over to White Sands National Monument. If you have never been or even heard of it, White Sands is a huge area of white gypsum sand. It is very neat to see and fun to play in (if you don't mind sand being EVERYWHERE on you). Take a look at all the fun we had.

The boys being boys.
Cute girls.
Just a scenery shot. This one may end up on our wall at home.
Someone had the great idea to try and bury Greg. It didn't work too good because the sand is dry there, not wet like at a beach.
Robert went dumpster diving to see what he could find that could help to sled down the hills.
His treasures worked pretty good (once we figured them out).
The now newlyweds sledding.
Me telling everyone what to do. Surprising, huh?
Our group - the parents and the kids.
Setting up the amazing picture that I took.
See? How great is this one?
The boys jumping a few more times before heading back to the van.
And they landed. I love how their legs get so buried when they land.
The girls wanted another shot of them too. I told them they need to work on their form.
Sunday we went to Sitting Bull Falls (somewhere near Artesia). It was a neat drive to the actual falls and a quiet little waterfall with some interesting formations.

See the old man's face?
The falls with a pretty blue sky and white fluffy clouds.
Laura and Ryan posing at the bottom.
Me and Robert down at the lagoon-y part. They kept making fun of my new word - but that's what it was.
The "kids" at Sitting Bull Falls.
After the falls, we went up to Carlsbad Caverns. It was fun to go there with a few who had never been before. On the way down into the cavern, they actually wanted to pause and look around occasionally instead of going down faster.

At one point we saw this hole and Robert wanted to stick his hand in it. The funny part is, the caverns are dark so I didn't really know what I was taking a picture of until the flash went off. I love the expression on his face. Too funny!
Our group in the caverns.
Again, didn't really know what everyone was doing until the flash went off. This one turned out great.
That was pretty much the end our adventures in New Mexico. It was a fun but a very short and quick trip. Maybe next time we will be able to relax more and make more memories.

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