Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's All About Reagan

And I'm not just talking about this blog post. Haha! Reagan loves attention. And she is very much my shadow these days. She is learning to say more things but sometimes very hard to figure out what she is saying. We need to work on her initial sounds. If you are on Facebook, you need to go and see the video of her on my profile page. She is saying "Zack" but all you can hear is "Ack" over and over again. It is really funny. Anyway, back to the blog - here are some pictures from Reagan's first day of school. And of course, the pictures were taken by the front door. :)

She is getting so big. I just can't believe it.
A close-up of my precious two year old.She had to take a picture with her backpack just like Lindsey did for her first day.It's almost as big as her but she loves to try and carry it around.And then Reagan wanted a picture taken with her big sister. I love how she is looking up to her. Just about anything Lindsey does, Reagan wants to do too.And to finish out this blog, a funny story and picture. The other day I went in to get Reagan after she woke up and she was naked except for her diaper. She apparently has learned to take off her nightgown. Well, tonight Robert came to me and said I needed to go and look at Reagan. I thought "What position has she fallen asleep in?" I went in and this is what I found. Not sure if she couldn't get the shirt off or fell asleep in the middle of taking it off. Either way, she gave us all a good laugh and of course I had to take a picture and post for you all.
Well, like Reagan in this last picture, I hope to be out asleep pretty soon. Hope you all have a great day and I hope to post a little bit more often. School starting for Lindsey and then me and Reagan along with MOPS starting up again has kept us pretty busy. I know you have missed reading about our lives so I will try hard to keep you more up to date. 'Night!