Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Gingerbread Village

Each year, the girls and I have made a gingerbread house. Well, this year I saw a gingerbread village on sale at Target and thought we would give that a try. The village had five different buildings in it so I thought it would be perfect for us so Reagan could do her own without Lindsey having a fit because it wasn't done her way. And here it is...

Reagan concentrating hard on her "toy shop".
Lindsey working on doorknobs and windows.
And a few shots of the finished product.

And so far, they are all still intact. But I do think a few pieces of candy are missing from the buildings. Hmmmmm.

Our First Christmas (well, for this year at least)

Last weekend we enjoyed time with my family for Christmas. They came to our house again and we enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some snapshots of the day spent together.

One of my most favorite things at Christmas is seeing the tree all decorated and filled with lots of fun stuff under it.
Reagan and my mom and my granddad looking at the ornaments on the tree.
Opening stockings - applesauce, yum!
Lindsey asked for turquoise nail polish and she got three different shades because my mom is a little indecisive.
After the stockings, Reagan decided it was time for a snack and so wanted her new pretzels opened. And Amy, being only 9 months old, wanted some too.
We decided that the kids should open presents while they were all happy and content. So they all had fun being the center of attention for awhile.
One of the gifts that Lindsey received was the horse from Tangled, Maximus.
Reagan wanting to open this present but needing help to do so.
Inside the tin was Reagan's ornament for the year. And of course, being Reagan, she went to put it on the tree immediately.
My mom trying to explain what she got (a Pampered Chef baker) to my granddad.
Blake opening one of his presents. Notice the lack of children? Yeah, two of them were napping. :)
Lindsey loved the house shoe boots that she got too. She couldn't wait to put them on.
Loved being with family. Had a great meal. Got fun presents. Had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catching Up

So this weekend is our first Christmas this year with my family. Before that can happen, I need to catch you all up on what has gone on the last month or so. So, without further ado, here is the last part of October, November, and the first half of December for your enjoyment. (I will try to keep comments to a minimum.)

Halloween spent in Oklahoma with my parents.

Our Mickey Mouse pumpkin.

All set to go.
Lindsey was Taylor Swift, of course.
I love that she has to fill up her bucket the rest of the way once we get home each time.

We met Dora at the Magic Time Machine restaurant.
And Tinker Bell.

My hotel! The Emily Morgan in San Antonio.

The "Well" picture.

Riverboat ride.

So pretty!
Really not a good plan but it worked.
My new favorite shot of both the Alamo and my hotel, the Emily Morgan.

Lindsey lost her first tooth in San Antonio.
We were both thrilled!
My grandmother turned 90 on the 29th of November. We celebrated with a small party. It was fun but unfortunately Lindsey had strep so she and Reagan both stayed home so no one else would get sick.
My mom and niece, Amy, playing at the party.
My nephew, Andrew, got a hold of my camera and took a picture or two. Here's one of Robert and my brother, Blake.
The Christmas parade was on a cold night. Luckily we had a good parking spot and were able to enjoy the parade sitting in my van.
Her second tooth came out soon after the first. And no, we aren't going to take pictures of each missing tooth (at least, I don't think we are.)
Love Reagan in this one.

Waiting to see Santa at school.
She was close to tears but held them back this time.

Lindsey's first Christmas program at ACS. They were the Peanuts Gang.

There you have it in a nutshell the last little bit of our lives. Maybe now that I am caught up, I can stay that way. Maybe?