Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our First Christmas (well, for this year at least)

Last weekend we enjoyed time with my family for Christmas. They came to our house again and we enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some snapshots of the day spent together.

One of my most favorite things at Christmas is seeing the tree all decorated and filled with lots of fun stuff under it.
Reagan and my mom and my granddad looking at the ornaments on the tree.
Opening stockings - applesauce, yum!
Lindsey asked for turquoise nail polish and she got three different shades because my mom is a little indecisive.
After the stockings, Reagan decided it was time for a snack and so wanted her new pretzels opened. And Amy, being only 9 months old, wanted some too.
We decided that the kids should open presents while they were all happy and content. So they all had fun being the center of attention for awhile.
One of the gifts that Lindsey received was the horse from Tangled, Maximus.
Reagan wanting to open this present but needing help to do so.
Inside the tin was Reagan's ornament for the year. And of course, being Reagan, she went to put it on the tree immediately.
My mom trying to explain what she got (a Pampered Chef baker) to my granddad.
Blake opening one of his presents. Notice the lack of children? Yeah, two of them were napping. :)
Lindsey loved the house shoe boots that she got too. She couldn't wait to put them on.
Loved being with family. Had a great meal. Got fun presents. Had a wonderful time!

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