Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ski Trip to Purgatory

Back at the beginning of January, Robert and I took a trip with some of our new friends, John and Brenna. We went to Durango, CO to ski. We had a great time. The guys ski three days and the girls just skied one. But it was perfect. The first day was shopping in downtown Durango. The second was skiing all together. And the third day was spent getting massages and little bit more shopping. Really, it was a perfect arrangement. The guys had fun and the girls had a blast doing our own thing. Here are just a few pictures from up on the mountain.

It snowed several times on us. These next two pictures are ones I got of the mountain across the highway being snowed on.

This was our last night to be on the mountain. It was snowing pretty good on us here. The guys had finished skiing and we were heading to find something for dinner. I am still kinda sad that Purgy's restaurant was closed. Although, the Italian place we ended up at was yummy.
Me and Robert (and the snow)
John and Brenna (and the snow again)
We have already talked about taking more trips together and I really hope that we get to. We all got along great and had so much fun.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas at Home

Now for a run down of Christmas at our house....

Reagan with her gift from Santa. A Minnie Mouse DVD.
And Lindsey with her gift from Santa. A Pocahontas DVD.
Opening stockings is always fun. Lindsey got a set of three CD's from the Charlie Brown movies.
And Reagan loved her big bag of Mint M&M's while Lindsey was excited about her new pen.
And although this picture looks like Reagan does not like this part of her stocking, it was the first thing she wanted open. They were fruit snacks - also known as "gummies" around our house.
The girls checking out the note that Santa left for them along with seeing how much he actually ate of their cookies.
Lindsey opening a new game for her Nintendo DS - Toy Story 3.
Reagan enjoying two new gifts - both Minnie Mouse (are you seeing a theme yet?) She got new sippy cups and a new purse from Lindsey.
And the aftermath. I love taking this picture each year and seeing what kind of mess we made.
So finally, I think I am done with catching up with Christmas. Now let's all pretend that I'll keep up with this blog from now on, okay?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Eve

Now for Christmas Eve. We had a great night. We ate out so we didn't have to deal with messes at home. We had presents from our friends, John and Brenna, to open.

Lindsey and Reagan loved the first part of the presents - M&M's Candy Canes.
They also loved the shirts they got. Lindsey was Tangled and Reagan got Minnie Mouse, of course. Thanks, John and Brenna!
Setting out cookies for Santa - two per girl. Yummy!
Oh and these are the other cute pair of pajamas they got. The only way for Reagan to look at me and be still was to ask where her pajamas were. This is her showing me.
And who could resist these two sweet little girls? They are adorable.
Then the girls went off to bed and we were able to enjoy a movie, our Christmas tree, and a fire in the fireplace. It was probably the best Christmas Eve in a while.

Blasingame Family Christmas

I know it is January but bare with me. With children sick, holiday celebrations, a couple of trips, recovering from those trips, and another round of sickness it's been a very busy several weeks. But, never fear, the blog (and mostly pictures) is back.

Here is a quick rundown of Christmas with Robert's family....

Our Christmas "Eve" was actually the 23rd. So here are the girls' new pajamas. We found lots of cute ones so they each got two pairs.
Reagan wanted to try hers on right away. Too bad she tried on the pants on her head. Haha!
Our "Christmas morning" in their new pajamas. And new bow from Aunt Lianne. Reagan loves her new Minnie Mouse place mat.
Lindsey opening a gift. Love the face.
A new ornament - Tinker Bell.
Opening her new Nintendo DS.
Reagan has her own baby carrier now. And she LOVES it!
Robert got his tool chest for the garage. He is so excited to get it all organized.
And the girls get to share this new toy box.
We had a great morning all together. After presents was a delicious breakfast and then since it wasn't really Christmas day, Robert and I got to go out and shop around for a few last minute things. It was a wonderful day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Jesus Book book review

Finally another book review for Book Sneeze and Thomas Nelson. I have had this book for a while and am just now sitting down to write the review.

Overall, I loved this book and CD. The illustrations are great and I (we) love the songs. My 6 year old sings right along with all the songs and my 2 year old is starting to sing a few of the songs with us. The book is a little much for my 6 year old. We have read some of the stories and they are great. But the flow of the book doesn't lend itself to sitting and reading it through. There are topics of Who Jesus is, What He did, Why He did those things and so on. And while those are wonderful things to read, we just didn't get too into it. I am looking forward to looking through it more as my oldest daughter grows and asks more questions.

I do recommend the book - to a little bit older audience.