Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ski Trip to Purgatory

Back at the beginning of January, Robert and I took a trip with some of our new friends, John and Brenna. We went to Durango, CO to ski. We had a great time. The guys ski three days and the girls just skied one. But it was perfect. The first day was shopping in downtown Durango. The second was skiing all together. And the third day was spent getting massages and little bit more shopping. Really, it was a perfect arrangement. The guys had fun and the girls had a blast doing our own thing. Here are just a few pictures from up on the mountain.

It snowed several times on us. These next two pictures are ones I got of the mountain across the highway being snowed on.

This was our last night to be on the mountain. It was snowing pretty good on us here. The guys had finished skiing and we were heading to find something for dinner. I am still kinda sad that Purgy's restaurant was closed. Although, the Italian place we ended up at was yummy.
Me and Robert (and the snow)
John and Brenna (and the snow again)
We have already talked about taking more trips together and I really hope that we get to. We all got along great and had so much fun.

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