Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blasingame Family Christmas

I know it is January but bare with me. With children sick, holiday celebrations, a couple of trips, recovering from those trips, and another round of sickness it's been a very busy several weeks. But, never fear, the blog (and mostly pictures) is back.

Here is a quick rundown of Christmas with Robert's family....

Our Christmas "Eve" was actually the 23rd. So here are the girls' new pajamas. We found lots of cute ones so they each got two pairs.
Reagan wanted to try hers on right away. Too bad she tried on the pants on her head. Haha!
Our "Christmas morning" in their new pajamas. And new bow from Aunt Lianne. Reagan loves her new Minnie Mouse place mat.
Lindsey opening a gift. Love the face.
A new ornament - Tinker Bell.
Opening her new Nintendo DS.
Reagan has her own baby carrier now. And she LOVES it!
Robert got his tool chest for the garage. He is so excited to get it all organized.
And the girls get to share this new toy box.
We had a great morning all together. After presents was a delicious breakfast and then since it wasn't really Christmas day, Robert and I got to go out and shop around for a few last minute things. It was a wonderful day.

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