Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas at Home

Now for a run down of Christmas at our house....

Reagan with her gift from Santa. A Minnie Mouse DVD.
And Lindsey with her gift from Santa. A Pocahontas DVD.
Opening stockings is always fun. Lindsey got a set of three CD's from the Charlie Brown movies.
And Reagan loved her big bag of Mint M&M's while Lindsey was excited about her new pen.
And although this picture looks like Reagan does not like this part of her stocking, it was the first thing she wanted open. They were fruit snacks - also known as "gummies" around our house.
The girls checking out the note that Santa left for them along with seeing how much he actually ate of their cookies.
Lindsey opening a new game for her Nintendo DS - Toy Story 3.
Reagan enjoying two new gifts - both Minnie Mouse (are you seeing a theme yet?) She got new sippy cups and a new purse from Lindsey.
And the aftermath. I love taking this picture each year and seeing what kind of mess we made.
So finally, I think I am done with catching up with Christmas. Now let's all pretend that I'll keep up with this blog from now on, okay?

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