Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grandparent's Day 2011

Several weeks ago was Grandparent's Day at Lindsey's school, Abilene Christian Schools. We enjoyed hanging out with her for the morning. She even had the grandparent who had come the farthest to see her at school this morning - her great grandpa Buchanan came from the Philippines. Well, he was coming home anyway, but got to Abilene just the week before so it counts. :)

The day started with a program in the gym. The lighting is always horrible in there plus I am getting used to a new camera. Sorry for the bad/dark pictures. You can kinda tell what is going on in them.

Lindsey patiently waiting for the program to get started.
Here is Lindsey's cheering section. Grandma Blasingame, Pops, Granddaddy, Reagan and Nana, Grandpa and Grandma Buchanan. We had a good group.
And the performance. Lindsey's class, along with some others, sang "Who Built the Ark?"
Lindsey's work that was set out on her desk for her to show family and friends. Her self-portrait in the middle. A cookie in the shape of Africa on the right. I don't remember what was on the left but it was highlighting her handwriting, I believe.
Grandma and Granddaddy looking over Lindsey's work.
Family picture in her classroom.
Lindsey showing Grandma and Nana her African project that she made. Her tie-dye shirts from the previous post.
And Lindsey with her self-portrait. Not sure why she drew herself with earrings because I'm pretty sure it will be a while before she gets her ears pierced. :)
Then we moved on to the Jog-A-Thon. It was fun. Just Pre-K and Kindergarten ran during her time. They encouraged the family and friends who were there to join the students in the running. Here's daddy and Lindsey jogging around.
Pops and Lindsey ran too.
During Nana's turn, Lindsey's class was encouraged to get a drink of water. That's where she was heading in this picture.
And of course, Reagan wanted a turn also. She did great!
Lindsey was the second girl in her class with 19 laps around the basketball court. She did wonderfully! And I think she even had fun.

After the fun was over, we ate some lunch and then headed to Oklahoma to see more grandparents for even more fun! It was Easter weekend and we had cousins to see and eggs to hunt. That post will be coming up next. Stay tuned!


At school, Lindsey has been studying Africa. One day she brought home a packet of projects for her to choose one and make and display for Grandparent's Day at school. All the projects were of products were things that were made in Africa - drums, dolls, tie-dye, beads, etc. Lindsey chose to make something with tie-dye. I am not one to enjoy messes so this was going to be very interesting. She did a great job and made very little mess. :)

Applying the dyes.
We dyed three different things - 1 t-shirt, 1 tank top, and 1 handkerchief.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lindsey's Half Birthday

I'm sure you're thinking "Really, a whole post dedicated to Lindsey's half birthday?" Before you think we are crazy, we had a fun time telling her what she would be getting for her REAL birthday. And you are going to have to go through the pictures to find out. I'm not telling what she is getting until the end of the post. :)

Here's Robert telling Lindsey we are going on a scavenger hunt. We gave her clues and she had to figure them out and tell us where to go next.
Love the look on her face. She wasn't too sure about the whole thing but had a fun time.
Our first stop was the airport. Nana was there waiting with a puzzle piece and Lindsey's next clue. I kept each puzzle piece until the end and then she had to put the puzzle together.
Next was Barbara at Shotwell Stadium. And a puzzle piece and clue.
It was a bit windy. We are lucky that the clues didn't blow away.
Next stop was Uncle Manny at the Civic Center where Lindsey goes to see shows.
Lydia was waiting at Mine By Design - one of Lindsey's favorite places.
We took a short time out to eat dinner at Jason's Deli. This is Lindsey telling us that her next puzzle piece was "dot dot dot or ..." She was really confused with this one.
The last place we went was Nikki's, the new frozen yogurt place in town. This is where Lindsey put the puzzle together and figured it all out.
The puzzle, when put together, said - "Lindsey and the girls are going for a day of Lindsey fun in Arlington. You will go to Cowboy's Stadium to see ..."
And her final envelope revealed a ticket to ...
see Taylor Swift in concert!
This was a very fun way to tell her that we are going to Taylor Swift's concert for her real birthday. She is very excited! And check back here in October (or possibly November or December) for pictures from our fun trip.