Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November wasn't as busy...

The first weekend in November presented a great time to take a trip to Oklahoma to see my parents.  Lindsey had an early release from school on Friday and we hit the road soon after.  It was also a fun weekend to visit because it was Oklahoma Christian University's Homecoming.  There were several events would could have gone to but we just chose to go to the parade and lunch afterwards.  It was fun and I'm sure Mimi and Papa enjoyed showing us where they spend much of their time.
Lindsey waiting for the OC parade to start
Reagan waiting patiently

Mom and Dad were on a float that resembled a gondola in Italy

And they threw candy to us

Lindsey watched as Mimi knitted

And then joined in helping make a scarf for her American Girl doll

Well, this is Reagan being herself sitting with Mimi

While we were there we celebrated Lindsey's birthday a few weeks late - she got a great new comforter for her new loft bed

And we sang happy birthday with candles in her doughnut

More October Happenings

Just a pretty sunrise one morning

Playing with a friend and this is what happens - she doesn't look too happy

Lindsey's birthday morning picture - Happy 7th, Linds!

All ready for the Costume Parade at school

Maeleigh was ready too

Reagan and Emily set to parade

My cheery cheerleader and crazy cat ready to trick or treat

Visiting my granddad at his place

Visiting Robert's grandma in the hospital

We surprised Robert's granddad at his house

The three cousins done with trick or treating

Yay! It's Wordless Wednesday (ok - so not so wordless - sorry)

Getting ready to leave for her birthday trip with the girls (minus Reagan)

American Girl Store - she loved carrying her packages

Yummy ice cream at the mall with Nana

Goofing around with Aunt Lydia

Getting way excited for the Taylor Swift concert

We're here!

Swimming with Aunt Barbara

And Aunt Lydia

At the museum being funny

With mommy

We spent about an hour making paper cups fly - she absolutely loved it!

Mommy again :)

Hula Hoop champ

Life sized Lite Brite - so fun

Very cool alphabet bench outside the museum