Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Eve

Now for Christmas Eve. We had a great night. We ate out so we didn't have to deal with messes at home. We had presents from our friends, John and Brenna, to open.

Lindsey and Reagan loved the first part of the presents - M&M's Candy Canes.
They also loved the shirts they got. Lindsey was Tangled and Reagan got Minnie Mouse, of course. Thanks, John and Brenna!
Setting out cookies for Santa - two per girl. Yummy!
Oh and these are the other cute pair of pajamas they got. The only way for Reagan to look at me and be still was to ask where her pajamas were. This is her showing me.
And who could resist these two sweet little girls? They are adorable.
Then the girls went off to bed and we were able to enjoy a movie, our Christmas tree, and a fire in the fireplace. It was probably the best Christmas Eve in a while.

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