Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Nashville Trip

Can you tell today is catch up on blogging day?  Well, since this is Wednesday, the next few will follow the rules of "Wordless Wednesday" - aren't you glad?!?

Robert and I went to Nashville at the beginning of August - mainly for my MOPS Convention but also for a fun vacation on the side.  We stayed with a good friend of ours, Requelle, whose house was flooded last year and Robert led a group to fix it up (rebuild) it last July.  She is great and was a wonderful hostess while we were there.

Ok, that's way more words than I planned so here are the pictures.  If you want to know about some of them, just ask.  :)

I will add a short note here - because this is my future house.  Love it!

Loved Nashville and Franklin.  I WILL go back someday.  :)

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