Friday, March 19, 2010

iPhone Pictures

I finally uploaded pictures from my phone onto the computer. I've had this phone since October and this is the first time to do that so be prepared - lots of pictures in this post. Hope you don't mind.
Just a really cute picture of Lindsey that I took soon after getting my new phone.
Reagan was making sure that the Chick-Fil-A cow wasn't going to come and get her. Not too happy to see him - even from a distance. Does it make me a bad mom that I was laughing and just had to take a picture?
Halloween at my parent's house in Oklahoma. We drove up and surprised my mom that weekend. Dad knew about it so it was even more fun to plot against mom. Haha.
On the way home from Oklahoma that same weekend. My Coke bottle was all I had left to entertain Reagan. It seemed to do the trick.
Kinda blurry but still cute. I love that she has one pacifier in her mouth and one in each hand also. It's like she's afraid they might disappear.
Lindsey playing on the playground at school.
I gave Reagan a bath and just wanted to play with her hair for a little bit. This is what it ended up like. Our friends refer to Reagan in this picture as "Cindy Lou-Who".
I painted Lindsey's toenails for Christmas. I think they turned out pretty good.
Lindsey and I at the first day showing of The Princess and the Frog. It was cute, she now owns it, and has watched it many, many times.
Lindsey was an angel (like always) for chapel at school while retelling the story of Jesus' birth.
Snow on our front door wreath. I just thought it was pretty.
Lindsey and Daddy building our first snowman during the Christmas break.
Lindsey and Barbara on the way to Louisiana for Christmas with the Buchanan clan.
Lindsey loves her new vanity given to her for Christmas.
We had lunch at a friends house one Sunday afternoon. While the adults talked, the girls played. Three couples each had two girls - what fun.
Lindsey decided to spell her name with Reagan's new bristle blocks.
The famous snow family during our snow days back in February.
Reagan having fun while shopping at Children's Place.
We took our college group to San Antonio for a retreat. Of course we had to make a stop at the Alamo and take our picture.
And a great picture of the hotel we absolutely love there. It's the Emily Morgan and if you ever want to give us a trip to anywhere - this would be it.
Lindsey was happy to see us after the retreat weekend. But she was super happy to see that we got her a new, pink, cowboy (horse-girl) hat.
My girls on Wear Green Day at school. Thanks Aunt Barbara for the shirts.
It was great (weather) day, so after school we made a stop at Sonic and then played outside at home.
The girls at cousin Brielle's soccer game.
Mimi and Lindsey at Aunt Lianne's baby shower. Can't wait to meet my new little niece. Just a few more weeks now.
One Tuesday morning, we walked into this in my classroom. A sink had been left on overnight and it flooded our room. Needless to say, the day did not go as planned.
Shopping at Target, we have to visit the dollar spot and this is what we found.
Reagan on the way to her classroom looking all grown up.
Robert and I visited Austin not too long ago and walked to the capital building one night. It is so pretty all lit up.
These are some steps leading up to a cathedral in Austin. Very cool architecture.
Texas State Cemetery. Burial ground for many famous Texas historical figures -
- and the great Tom Landry.
The floor of the Bob Bullock Museum - it has horses, cows, cowboys, missionaries, pilots, Native Americans, the Gulf of Mexico, etc.
The Bob Bullock Museum - everyone should visit.
An old car in front of the bakery and cafe at the Driskill Hotel.
Inside the Driskill.
We ate at the Salt Lick in Austin. Loved that the spicy recipe sauce was named after me.
My hubby brought home these yummy treats - chocolate toffee pretzels. Vleta's is amazing!
Hope you enjoyed the recap that my phone has provided for you. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I went through the last five or so months. See you in another five-ish months for the next upload. :)