Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Snowy Day

I don't have a lot to say here but I took some pictures of the most recent snow day that we had and wanted to share them. Here goes...

First of all, a little background. Several weeks ago we had a snow day and while Robert was out making our snow family, two kids from the neighborhood decided that they needed to have a snowball fight with him. They had a lot of fun. So on this snow day, first thing we saw was the brother and sister across the street from us outside making their snow fort. It was fun to watch them. Robert went out and yelled to them that the fort wasn't going to help them. Right after he said that they started working even faster.

Robert made the plan to go out the back door here and all the way down the alley and around the back of their house to sneak up on them. It worked - they didn't expect that at all. But I was ready with the camera so I got a few pictures.They always end up in another neighbors yard. Hope they don't mind.Lindsey and I mostly stayed in our yard. I didn't want to get hit and Lindsey was just a little unsure of it all still.Lindsey finally did get across the street and got a good shot at Daddy.And the aftermath of the wind, snow, and running. She had a blast.I'm thinking we are probably done with snow for this year but we had a lot of fun. Maybe next year Reagan will want to join in too.

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Lana said...

What fun! Maybe no more snow this year -- but ya never know!