Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow? In Abilene? Again?

It all started sometime during the night/morning on Wednesday/Thursday. Not sure exactly when because I was out cold. We have had a hard week - Reagan has been sick with an ear infection so several nights we have been up taking care of her and getting little sleep. She and I stayed home from school on both Tuesday and Thursday. Not fun with a sick little one.

Anyway, back to the snow - it was beautiful!
See for yourself.
I thought it was interesting to not be able to see the roof top of our house. It just blended in with the color of the sky.Lindsey helping Daddy with the snow family.Tiphanie came over for a little bit while we were all outside. She had the job of holding Reagan (who didn't want to get down in the snow) while I took pictures.It was starting to all come together.Robert taking a break from building snow people to have a snowball fight with some boys from the neighborhood.My snow bunnies! (Well, grass bunnies would work too.)Reagan was all smiles once we came back inside.The kinda finished product. We still had to figure out hats, eyes, noses, mouths, etc.Here we are this morning - all done. What do you think?
We had a lot of fun being outside and being together. We love snow days!


Lana said...

Cute! Glad Reagan's feeling better so she could enjoy the snow. We put Emily on the sled this morning then let her tromp around for a little bit -- too bad her snowsuit's at her house!

Carla Hutchins said...

VERY cute snow family!!!

Kathylou said...

Cute pictures. Love the snow family.

Jessica said...

Love the family of snowmen!