Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Halloween Trip

For Halloween, my family drove up to Oklahoma to surprise my mom. I had talked to my dad earlier in the week and planned it all out. We left Abilene just after lunch and drove to Edmond and picked up dinner for all of us and rang the doorbell at my parents. Mom came to the door because dad had left to "go get dinner" (which he did by way of me handing it to him in their driveway). She kinda just looked at us like, "you're not supposed to be here". It was great. After that, she kept thinking of things that needed to be done, like wash sheets and get them on our beds but dad had already taken care of that. It was so fun to see her face once it all sunk in that we had planned this earlier and taken care of everything. She was still so surprised that she forgot to call her dad which she does every night (sorry, Papa!).

We had a great visit and mom got to have the fun of trick or treating with the girls. Here are some pictures of that night...
Lindsey in her flower girl dress. She just loved wearing it again and looked just as beautiful (minus the hair).
Reagan dressed as a little ladybug. She smiled once we got it on her - not so much in the process of getting dressed.
Trying to get a picture of the girls together, both happy and still, is hard these days. That would be my dad's hand trying to get Reagan to stay by Lindsey.
And here is my mom trying to put Reagan back after she did make it away. Not too happy anymore.
After trick-or-treating (which Reagan was so good at - she held out her bucket and signed "thank you") Reagan was checking out the goods still at my parents house.
Going in for some more to add to her pumpkin.
And being caught in the act! Haha!
We loved our weekend in OK with my parents. We tried a few new places to eat (The Hideaway Pizza is amazing!) And I am so glad that we were able to surprise mom so well.

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