Monday, November 2, 2009

Lindsey's Friend Party

Next was Lindsey's friend party. She has been wanting to have a Disney Princess party for so long and I had put it off thinking that she would like them for a long time. Well, this year was the Princess party. And to make it more fun, we invited her friends to dress like princesses (or prince as the case may be).

This is Lindsey and her friend, Campbell. They were wearing the same dress and thought it was cute.
Kerith and Lindsey. Katherine, Kerith's mom, was out of town and dad brought her to the party (minus the Princess dress that we loaned them). Thought it was funny. Love that family.
Here is the prince. I love the costume and am so glad that Finn cheered up so we could take this great picture of the two of them.
I had made princess shape cookies (crown, glass slipper, wand, and princess) and the kiddos were able to decorate two. One to eat then and one to take home and eat. It got a tad messy there - glad I had lots of help to do the cleanup!
Reagan was having a ball. She had the attention of everyone (except me). But Mimi and Nana loved it.
Lindsey's princess crown cake.
Lindsey blowing out candle number 2 this year. She is a pro now.
Barbara and Manny just barely made it to the party. They had some issues with flights and car rental stuff. But they came and that is all that mattered.
Lindsey loved this gift. A necklace, bracelet, and lots of stick on earrings.
And I loved this gift. Shrinky Dinks! I used to make these a lot at my friends house growing up. Now Lindsey is loving making them at home.
Nearing the end of the party. Lindsey is growing up way too fast but I am loving every minute of it.

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