Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Wonderful Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started by my daughter, Lindsey, opening my bathroom door and turning on the brightest light ever! Or so it seems that way when you are completely asleep! Robert had told her to not turn on the bedroom light so she found the next best thing - and wow, was it bright! But that is okay, they brought me breakfast in bed. Yummy pancakes, sausage, and strawberries and fruit dip. I was also given some pretty flowers - red roses and pretty potted flowers from Lindsey that she did at school. It was all so sweet that I really didn't want to get out of bed after it all. But it was Sunday, of course, so I did.
Robert went and got Reagan up for me while I was getting ready some. He also gave Lindsey a bath since we didn't have time on Saturday night because they were out doing Mother's Day stuff.

Next was church. It was nice. My hubby was able to sit with me this week. He got someone to cover the audio system in the back so that he could be with his girls. Yea - that was the best!

Then lunch with my mommy. It was great. We got her flowers and a card (and bought her lunch). I told her we just got the flowers and card because then she doesn't have to pack anything else (they are moving this summer). And the flowers were in a vase that belongs to me so she has to give it back and not move it. And I figured with all the chaos of packing and the house being a wreck (but a nice wreck, mom and dad!) she could look at the flowers and smile a time or two and rest a little so that she can get up and pack more boxes!

After that, we went to Robert's aunt's house to say goodbye to his family that was here over the weekend (more about that later). Then home to our wonderful house. To take wonderful naps. All of us! Only to wake up almost three hours later! Yea for long naps!

Then dinner at Double Dave's. I love that place! So good!

Back home and in bed! What a great day - relaxing and full of people I love. Thank you honey! I love you!

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