Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Old!

That's right everyone. I'm starting a new decade in my life - the 30's! My birthday was on Saturday and my wonderful hubby and his sister had a fun surprise party for me.

A little side note - each first Friday night of the month we have a game night at the church building with the young marrieds and young families. I love having this time to be around people who are my age. You know, all day every day with two precious girls is great but I do need some grown up time, too. Anyway, I was sick this last game night and wasn't able to go. The next day I had told Robert that it would be a great birthday to have a game night with all my friends. So he started planning a party without my knowing. And I am so glad that he did.

Saturday night I thought that we (Robert and I) would be going out with our good friends, Jeff and Katherine to celebrate my getting old. Barbara had said that the girls could go to her house that night so off we were to drop them off and then go to dinner at the Beehive (by the way, honey, you still owe me that!) Well, you guessed it, when we walked in there were all my close friends (with a few exceptions). They all did a great job of keeping the secret because I had no idea of what was going on. Especially the fact that one of my best friends from high school came. I hadn't seen Alisha since September. It was so great to talk with her and catch up some.
Me and Alisha!

Dinner was fixed (yummy Monte Cristo sandwiches and apple salad). It was all so wonderful. And then they brought out my cake. Several years ago, Robert discovered the Chocolate Decadence cake from McKay's Bakery. And lo and behold, that is what my birthday cake was this year. So good! They also had mint chocolate chip ice cream and vanilla ice cream with lots and lots of toppings. The toppings included snickers bars, caramel and chocolate syrup, cherries, etc. Wow - talk about being really full!

Then we played games. It started with Catch Phrase which is always fun watching people try to figure out first what a word is and then second try to get people to guess that word. Fun! Then after a few games of that we moved on to Rummikub. Probably my most favorite game right now. I love it. We split up girls at one table and guys at the other. It was great!

Oh, and after everyone went home, I really wished I had thought of taking a picture of all of us together. I am so sad that I don't have that to post on here and show y'all my wonderful friends.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped get it all together. I had a blast and expect it every year now!!! Just kidding but I really did enjoy the night.

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! Yeah you for getting to 30... you go girl! Sounds like a fun night.

P.S. You look so pretty!