Wednesday, May 13, 2009

End of the Year Program

So each year at Young Children's World, there is an end of the year program. The first year we were there was really cute. Lindsey's class was the youngest and of course the best! Then last year happened. Lindsey was so excited for the program to come. Her class had ordered t-shirts and everything. She was very much looking forward to it but on the day of the program, she was sick. I don't remember exactly what it was but we had to take her to Dr. J's Clinic. So, needless to say, she missed her program last year. So leading up to this program I kept asking her how she felt. And she felt great until nap time on Monday. Then she said her tummy hurt. Luckily it passed and we made it to the program. So here are some of the pictures that we took. She did great!
Before the program - my parents and Reagan.Lindsey did a great job of standing still with her hands behind her back - even when she really wanted to wave to us.This was one of the pictures in the side show - yes, Lindsey is actually on a horse! Yippee!Singing her heart out!Still smiles after the program with daddy.And mommy!The whole family. We gotta work on Reagan's smile!Here is one, kinda!

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Anonymous said...

Really cute pictures. Love the one of your parents. I didn't notice Howard in the picture until I enlarged it. Where are they moving?