Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Last Day in Boston

After our busy, busy Monday in New York, Reagan was running a fever and not feeling good at all on Tuesday. We had already planned to take it easier than the days before so we slept in as much as we could and then got up and had a relaxing breakfast. Barbara and I then decided to take Lindsey to the Boston Children's Museum. And I am so glad that we did. We had so much fun and Lindsey absolutely loved the place. Here is a run down of most of what we did while we were at the museum.

The first stop was the science playground. In that area was the "Investigate" section. In this picture, we were trying to get Lindsey to make three triangles with seven pencils. It was fun but took her a little while to figure it out.
Next was the "Bubbles" section. We had a lot of fun here. They had several big water tables with a soapy mixture in them. Along with that were several kinds of instruments to make bubbles with. Then we were able to play in this huge bubble maker. I love Lindsey's face in this picture. She was loving it.
"Raceways" was next. They had lots of golf balls and about seven different tracks that you could experiment with. Lindsey liked to see what would happen to the golf balls going on the different tracks (how fast or how far they would end up going).
I don't remember what this area was called but they had many different activities here. The one in the picture had a ball in the tube we are holding on to. Then we had to bounce on the stool and the ball would go up to the top if we bounced fast enough. I like how you can tell that Lindsey is bouncing so much. Her hair flying up and her bottom off of the seat.
There was also a little basketball goal with three spots you were supposed to shoot the ball from. I tried to show Lindsey the proper form to shoot the ball but it is really hard to shoot on a short goal with the proper form. She loved that I tried though.
Peep's World was next. This is a show that Lindsey has watched just a handful of times but she loved exploring. They had a huge water table with tools you can use and also a huge sand table with tools. It was fun to fill up containers and then watch as it was poured out. We pretty much had to drag Lindsey away from this area to make it to the others before the museum closed.
Here is Lindsey patting down the sand in a tube. We had her estimate how many cupfuls it would take to fill up the tube. She was pretty close the second time around.
Decorating a "cake" in the Arthur exhibit. They were little magnets that you could arrange how ever you wanted.
This is the "Construction Zone". Lindsey really wanted a picture with all three of us in a face cutout place but there wasn't anyone else around to take our picture together. So the two of us took our picture but still made Barbara look through one face too. Forgot to take her picture though.
This was right outside the museum. Yes, that is a huge Arthur on top of the building.
Lindsey had a great day even without Reagan and the guys around. We also decided it was probably best that Robert and Manny didn't go with us because they would have had too much fun and we would have had to drag all of them around the museum. There would have been no way we would have made it through the whole place before 5 when it closed if they had gone too.

This was the last day of our trip to Boston. Wednesday morning, we woke up got ready and were off to the airport. I was really dreading flying this time because of Reagan having a fever, being sick and feeling horrible. It was actually good (is that bad to say?). She was so tired and had no energy to move much. All she wanted to do was lay on me which was fine. So even though she felt bad, the flight home was good. And the trip was good. We are so glad we were able to go and loved seeing Barbara and Manny.

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