Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Boston Trip

About a three weeks ago, Robert came across this great deal for plane tickets to go to Boston. And now having relatives there, we really wanted to go. From the beginning of our conversation about going to actually purchasing the tickets it was only about an hour. So my mind was whirling with all the stuff that needed to happen before we left. Laundry and packing and figuring out how to manage the two girls on the plane rides. Ahhhhh! Do I really want to do this? Well, needless to say, we did go and it was a blast.

Our plane left from Dallas/Fort Worth at 7 am on Saturday so we drove over on Friday night and stayed at a hotel that Robert found an awesome deal on at (amazing site if you ever want a cheap deal for hotels). We were able to have dinner with some great friends at Kincaid's Hamburgers in Fort Worth. Not the original location but still great burgers!

The next morning came way too early but we were still able to enjoy some yummy food at the airport before boarding our plane. Here are the happy traveler's while finishing up breakfast.
Lindsey waiting to take off for Washington D.C. She looks a little nervous but she loved the flight.
Reagan loved looking out the window at the other planes coming and going. This was while we waited for everyone else to get off the plane before trying to get all of our stuff together and get off ourselves. I'm sure that everyone appreciated that and it made my day better by not having to rush so much.
This was the view out of the windows of the airport. We could see the Washington Monument, Capital, and the Potomac River. Very cool!
Once we arrived in Boston, Manny and Barbara were there waiting and took us on a picnic in the Boston Commons. It was fun to people watch. Interesting characters there.
This is where the Boston Massacre occurred. Robert and Manny went in but all the girls stayed outside and waited.
This is Lindsey after she fell asleep while sitting upright in the stroller. She wasn't even leaning on anything. I had to take the picture, it was too funny!
We of course had to make a stop at Build A Bear in Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Lindsey has been to Build A Bear lots but I think this was Reagan's first official time. She loved it and kept grabbing at the different animals that you can stuff. Finally we just had to choose one for her and let that be that.
While not the original Cheers, I still had to take this picture. Maybe next time we go, I'll see the real Cheers.
At Faneuil Hall, there is Fried Dough. It was good, but I will still take my funnel cake over it any day. But the guys did load our fried dough down with lots of powdered sugar.
Just a picture of the front of Faneuil Hall. There were so many great stores there that I would love to go back and check them all out sometime.
Next on our walking tour was Mike's Pastry. Talk about some good stuff. Back during Spring Break, Barbara brought some cannoli home from her trip to Boston. And those were great. So on this trip, we went to Mike's to get some fresh cannoli. And it was even better. As you can see, the crowd at Mike's is crazy. There was no way we were going to let Lindsey try to walk by herself in that madness. We enjoyed the cannoli for a couple of days while we were there.
Look, I was on the trip! You couldn't tell by all the pictures before but I was there! This was taken in front of the Paul Revere statue and North Church. You can't really see either one but they are back there.
The Paul Revere statue.
And North Church. So pretty!
Reagan enjoying being out of the stroller for a little bit. She loves her freedom.
We had a great and very full first day travelling and walking in Boston and were more than ready to go to the house and get ready for bed.

More later - - Natick, apple picking and Lexington.

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Manuel said...

WOW! We did do a lot in that first day... Thanks for the recap; it was fun to do AGAIN!!!