Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

School started for us, finally! We (and by "we" I mean Lindsey) have been looking forward to and counting down the days until school started. I am so glad that she has a sense of time because otherwise, I would have been answering the question, "how much longer until school starts?" constantly. But with Lindsey, I just showed her on the calendar and then let her count down the days. So much better this way!

Here is Lindsey this morning. We decided to go and get breakfast at McDonald's so this was about 10 minutes after her waking up. Pretty good, I would say.
Of course, I had to take a picture of Reagan at the door with her bag also. I had thought of trying to let her hold her own bag but then didn't think of it because she was smiling so good already.
I really wanted a picture of the girls together but Reagan was running out of smiles. Lindsey is trying to convince Reagan that she only had to take one or two more pictures. Lindsey was saying it was okay - Reagan wasn't agreeing!
We all had a good day. It was pretty sad to take Reagan to class. I had come to terms with leaving her but then she started crying as soon as the door was opened to go into her class. So sad. But there was no time to hang around and see how she did. Basically, I opened the door, hung up her bag, kissed her and put her down on the floor. And the whole time she was crying. Horrible! I wanted to go and peek in her room but didn't get a chance. I did hear from another teacher that she was crying off and on all morning. But more than likely it was just because she was tired (she still takes about a two hour morning nap). She ate all of her lunch and then promptly fell asleep in the buggy. But she was a happy camper when I picked her up to go home. We'll see how it goes on Thursday.

Anyway, I had to get back to my classroom. As I was entering so was one of my kiddos and her parents. So while I was saying good morning to them, I see Lindsey (just barely) and stop to say bye and give her a kiss before she walked across the hall and went into her class by herself. What a great mom, huh? At least she has two wonderful teachers who understand the craziness that comes with the first day of school.

My day was full. Trying to learn my new kids names, figuring out a new schedule and just getting back into the groove of things. Just taking a year off, throws things out of whack. But I am going to love having a regular routine again. And getting out of the house on a regular basis will be great.

Sorry, I am pretty sure I am rambling now (I guess that is what happens when you have had a very full day and are about to fall over asleep) so I will just leave you with this...

I am so blessed to be working at Young Children's World where all the women are great and encouraging and loving - toward me and my girls.

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Jessica said...

I love her new princess school stuff! So cute!