Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reagan's First 1st Birthday Party

Yep, you read it right. This is Reagan's first birthday party for her first birthday. Since we had lots of changes this summer with several family members moving, we decided for this year only to have two parties for Reagan. We did this so that everyone could be here for a party.

This past Sunday we had a birthday party with Robert's family. Barbara, Robert's older sister, got married earlier this summer and moved to Boston but was going to be here this past weekend. Our friends, the Voss', also came to the party and Jeremy took the pictures for me. He took 77 pictures so be very glad that I narrowed it down to these 15 pictures.

Before the craziness started.
The family.
We lit the candle, she looked at us, looked at the candle, and then proceeded to cry.
Reagan was looking at us like we were crazy expecting to her to eat the cake.
Even when Robert tried she wouldn't open her mouth for the cake.
We thought maybe she would eat a little bit of ice cream or cake if I held her. We were wrong.
She did enjoy opening presents though. And she really liked that Aunt Marilyn's (and Bryan and Kimberly) gift matched the party colors!
Opening some of Aunt Barbara's gifts.
Lindsey got to help with the gift from Nana and Pops.
Back to the cup from Aunt Marilyn!
A new book from the the Voss'.
Looking at everyone looking at her.
Reagan liked the gift from Grandma and Granddaddy.
Just a cute shot of the birthday girl!
Seven wanted to help play with all the new stuff.
I have video of the cake and the crying. I am hoping Robert will help me figure out how to put it on here so you can all enjoy it too. The next party with my family will be on Saturday. Maybe we will get some pictures of Reagan actually enjoying eating the cake. Keep your fingers crossed!


Katherine said...

What a smart girl!

Charis said...

Too funny about the cake! Can't believe she is 1 - time flies. Happy Birthday!