Friday, July 10, 2009

Colorado - Day Three

To start our third day in Colorado, our three groups (my family, my parents, and my brother's family) went and did our own things. Our family decided to go on another hike. This time to Treasure Falls. Lindsey actually decided that for us. She had seen pictures from two years ago when we went on that same hike and wanted to do it again.

Lindsey in front of one of the huge trees on the hike up to Treasure Falls.
We saw lots of chipmunks on these trails and Lindsey wanted to name them all "Pip" from the movie Enchanted.
Lindsey in front of the falls.
Reagan and mommy on the bridge above the river.
Our family - we tried to get Reagan to look but it just wasn't happening at this time.
Two years ago, Lindsey and I took a picture very similar to this one.
Robert and his little girls. Lindsey looks really happy in this picture.
Lindsey really wanted to put her feet in the water when she saw some other girls doing it. The water was apparently cold.
Reagan found more trees! Yea!
I took this picture from the bridge over the water. Robert and the girls were up on the observation level, closer to the falls. The picture is actually in focus. The blurriness is from the water spray.
They came back down so that we could continue the hike a little further.
Just a pretty scenic picture that I took while on the hike.
Mimi played with Lindsey's hair and fixed it like she used to fix mine quite often.
While we were out eating dinner, Lindsey decided she wanted to take a picture of Andrew and Blake. She did pretty good.
This was taken right before we went in the pool at the recreation center.
Lindsey, Reagan, and Robert in the baby pool. Don't you love the girls' matching swimsuits?
This was Andrew's first time in a "big" pool. He loved it!
Reagan was really excited that this pool was her size. Yes, I was standing nearby so that she wouldn't go under.
Our family in the bigger pool having fun together.
Andrew, Lianne, and Blake in the big pool.
Daddy and Lindsey relaxing in the hot tub before going back to our condo.


Kathylou said...

Enjoyed the photos. It looks like you had a good time in Colorado. Your girls seem so happy. They always have beautiful smiles.

Jessica said...

Looks like yall had a fun time.Yea for vacation!