Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Colorado - Days One and Two

It's finally here - the recap of our summer vacation with my parents. I know you have all been waiting and waiting for this exciting blog post. Well, even if you didn't know you have been waiting, here it is.

We left on Saturday the 27th and drove to Santa Fe, NM. It was a fairly easy drive. Not too long and we were pretty relaxed because we weren't in any hurry. The next day was Sunday so we were planning on eating breakfast and then going to church. Well, the hotel we were at was supposed to have a decent breakfast so we thought we would just stick around there and eat. This was not the case however. Apparently the hotel had just been bought the week or so before and the breakfast was toast and oatmeal that you have to make yourself. Needless to say, we decided to go somewhere else for breakfast. McDonald's is always a winner. Then instead of staying in Santa Fe for worship for drove to Espinolla (sorry, I don't remember how to spell it). Another adventure because the church was not located where it said it was. I will let Robert tell you about the church there. He loved it! After church we ate lunch and headed out once again for Pagosa Springs, CO.

Here is the back of the van. Too bad you can't see how horribly scrunched up they were back there. But Mimi did a wonderful job of keeping Lindsey company and I am so thankful for that!
This is when we were stopped for gas and Papa was looking in on Reagan. Doesn't he look happy here?
Now we start the real part of the vacation. Our first excursion was to Reservoir Hill Recreation Area. Now we had all talked about it and decided we would take an easy hike because of the ages of the kids. We all had a map of the trails in that area and thought that we were doing good. Except, the further we went up, the more we noticed, "Wow, this is kinda burning". Maybe it was just me but my legs were hurting and it was getting difficult to breathe. Then we all kinda stopped at an almost level spot and looked at the maps. We had been going up the "most difficult" trail on the hill. Yep, pretty much straight up.

Part of the gang - Blake, Dad, Mom, Andrew and Lindsey. I love how the kids are holding hands.
Reagan and Robert surveying the land, aka Pagosa Springs.
Lindsey was the trail blazer. She was way up ahead of all of us. See how steep it is?
Luckily, once we got to the reservoir, there was this "natural" sitting area. Great for pictures, too.
We really did make it all the way up there. And we all still have smiles!
Lianne, Blake and Andrew made it too!
Mom is smiling but she wasn't really feeling it.
On the way down, the easy way, there was this little cabin. Not sure what it was used for but it had "Registration" painted on the front. Made another great place for taking pictures.
Reagan had it easy. Riding on Daddy's back is always the best way to go.
Here is Andrew at the window in the cabin. You should have seen us trying to get him to stand still long enough to take this picture.
I just thought this made a cute picture and I love how blue the sky is.
Reagan loved feeling all the trees on our hike. She also loved looking up at the tall, tall trees. If you would say, "Reagan, where are the trees?" She would just start laughing and looking around to find one that she could touch.
The horses left some lovely smelling gifts for us to find. Lindsey learned how to watch out for them and avoid stepping in them.
We also found some huge dandelions on the hike. We tried really hard to blow them all away but they were stubborn and wouldn't budge.
After lunch and a nap, we headed to the Putt-Putt area at the resort. Lindsey had fun for the first half of the course.
Reagan was really tired but you couldn't tell that in this picture. She had fun watching us. Next time, Reagan, you can play with us!
Lindsey made an amazing shot and Robert was so excited for her.
Coming soon...Days Three and Four!

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