Monday, July 27, 2009

The Last of the Birthday Celebrations

This past Saturday we had the last of Reagan's birthday parties. My family was in town and came over for the fun. And this time, my camera was in the hands of my cousin Jenni. She did a great job and even took more pictures than Jeremy from the party on Sunday. Jeremy had taken 77 pics and Jenni took 89. Wow - Reagan has lots of pictures to document turning one!

My mom and her sister had a lamb cake for their first birthdays. My brother, two cousins, and myself all had a lamb cake for our first birthdays. And now the third generation is having a lamb cake for their first birthdays. Not only cute - but really yummy too!
This is the look of "are you really making me do this again?"
The candle is lit which means tears are coming!
What a face!
She did touch it this time around though. She would pat it and then try to get the icing off her hand.
Jenni wasn't quite quick enough to get a picture of Reagan standing.
Robert had been making fun of my mom and the way she was decorating the cake so he was the first to get a piece of the lamb. And here is what she gave him...
Now, on to opening presents. A gift from Heather and Phillip and Emily. They weren't able to be here but sent a gift anyway. We missed you guys!
I apparently was excited to get this gift. A CD player that sings nursery rhymes and the ABC's.
See, forget Reagan, look how happy I am!
Reagan is opening the gift from a friend and I am listening to the explanation about it. The husband, Austin, picked it out and it was a book of nursery rhymes with Spanish translation. Pretty funny!
Here is what the wife, Ashley, got for Reagan. Sorry Austin, I liked the dress better!
And Reagan got a nursery rhyme book with CD. I think I see a theme of nursery rhymes here.
Opening the present from Blake, Lianne, and Andrew.
Lindsey made this necklace for Robert to wear out of the pop beads Reagan got.
Definitely one of the most favorite gifts she has gotten so far. She plays with them all the time.
Mimi reading the nursery rhyme book with both my girls.
Here is the only picture of Jenni that we got. That happens when she is the one taking the pictures. Trust me, I know. It happens to me all the time.
Here are my grandparents that were able to come to Reagan's party. My granddad is my mom's dad. He will be 97 in August. And this is my grandmother, my dad's mom. She lives in Fort Worth and came in town with my brother and his family.
Reagan with her great aunt and uncle, Lana and James.
Our friends, Austin and Ashley. They will be going with us to Jamaica next month.
Finally a picture of Andrew. He was interested in helping Reagan "break in" her new stuff.
Happy birthday, Reagan! I can't believe you are already one - time sure does fly!


Leah said...

She is a doll! Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Jenni said...

what a great recap! glad I could help add to the excess of pictures!! :-)

Lana said...

Great party fun for all!

Karen said...

Great pictures. You have a special recipe for the lamb cake? Could you share it?

Lauren said...

Karen, the cake is a chocolate pound cake recipe. My mom always makes it so I can't help you much with it. Sorry!