Monday, July 20, 2009

Our First of Many Oklahoma Trips

On Sunday, the 12th, my parents, my kids, and I made the trip up to Edmond, OK to move my parents there. Yes, very sad. But while we were there we were able to have some fun along with working (a little) on getting their new house organized.
Sunday night, took Lindsey (and her friends, Piper and Finn) to VBS at Edmond C of C. They also went each night through Wednesday night.
Monday, the girls and I shopped while Mom and Dad signed papers.
Tuesday, the movers came.
Wednesday, we went to the OKC Zoo with some friends (more on that to come).
Thursday, we went and walked around Oklahoma Christian University where my dad will be working. That night we ate at Coach's which, according to my dad, has the best onion rings in the world! (I couldn't resist putting that in here, Dad!) After dinner, we drove through the University of Central Oklahoma, where my mom will be working.
Then Friday morning before leaving we went out just a little bit on the original Route 66 to Pop's. Such a neat place. You should try to make it out there if you are ever in the area.

Ok, about the Zoo. The week that we were in OK also happened to be the week that the middle schoolers from our church went to Camp Cornerstone at OC. So, with Jeremy being the youth minister, his family also was in OK. We had looked on line and saw that on Wednesday's in July and August it was Way Back Wednesday at the OKC Zoo. That meant that all admission was $.75 each. Also, small drink, popcorn and hot dogs were also $.75 each. So we thought that it would be fun for Amy and her kids and me and mine to go to the Zoo. We knew it would be hot but decided that we would go for just a few hours in the morning. Almost a good idea except that fact that it was in the nineties when we got there just after ten. Oh, well, maybe we sweat some pounds off. What do you think, Amy?

Waiting for the Endangered Species Carousel. Still smiling!
Reagan conked out pretty soon after getting to the zoo that day.
Lindsey, Piper and Finn all chose a panda bear to ride. See Lindsey's grip on the pole. She was not going to let go.
Lindsey on a bronze statue. I love the sign in the background. And yes, the other statues that we saw in the zoo were hot. This one was in the shade, though, so it wasn't too bad.
Here are the three musketeers. They are pretty much inseparable.
And all together again. Finn and Lindsey didn't really want to take turns here.
After we took this picture, my dad said she should have a scared look on her face and not a smile. But she didn't want to take another picture. This one is cute though.
My dad had gone to get the van and we were waiting. This was the end of the zoo visit and it is a good thing. Just look at how happy Lindsey is!

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