Monday, July 20, 2009

July the Fourth

We got back from our trip to Colorado to a busy schedule. The fourth was that Saturday and we had plans for the entire day. First a birthday party for Lindsey's friend, Finn. It was a swimming party so she loved it. Then we went to our friends, the Dickison's, house for lunch and swimming there too. After that we came home for quick naps and then out to our friends, the Moody's, house for dinner and fireworks. Needless to say, we were a bit tired after that day was over.

This is Finn's birthday cake. His dad thought he would be funny and make a little play on words from the movie Star Wars. I found it pretty humorous.Lindsey and Reagan swimming at the Dickison's with Daddy and Jordan.Reagan became very attached to their chlorine dispenser. (Don't worry there wasn't any chlorine in it at the time.) And yes, Reagan is almost asleep in this picture.Each year we are invited to our friends house, the Moody's, for a cookout dinner and fireworks. However, this year, a storm was blowing in and they weren't able to do the fireworks. (And then all the guys had to load up the fireworks that were already out and ready to be set off.) When I told Lindsey that instead of fireworks we would go to Piper and Finn's house all she said was, "At least it will be quieter!"

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