Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reagan's Last Day of the Upstairs Two's

So you all know that I work part time teaching 4 year olds. Well, I work with some amazing women. I love them all. I have especially loved Reagan's teachers this year. They were wonderful. Reagan has been with Ms. Heather for two years in a row at school and I am so thankful for that. She's great. She loves Reagan and can't get over how much Reagan has grown and changed in the two years she's had her. I loved hearing her stories of Reagan compared to last year - it was so neat. And Ms. Meridith was always so welcoming and loving on Reagan. She has taken such good care of Reagan this year. I'm so sad to be leaving their classroom. I know we will see them. I just wish they would move up with Reagan again to the next class. (Not that I'm worried about next year's teachers - they are wonderful too.)

Here's Reagan with Ms. Heather and Ms. Meridith on the last day.
I always take a fresh, before school picture on the first day of school. But last year I happened to have my camera out and ready so I took a picture at the end of the last day. So of course, I had to do that again. I love the look on Reagan's face here. Oh, and the nasty black smudge on her forehead. :)
And Ms. Heather and Ms. Meridith gave each child a balloon for the last day. I love how they tied it to their clothes. It stayed there for a while because Reagan wouldn't let me take it off. Oh, and that same blue balloon still has air in it - after two full weeks. Not sure what they aired it up with but I need to find out!
Goodbye, 2's class! We look forward to next year in the 3's!

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