Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easter in Oklahoma

I know that it is now June and I am just now posting about Easter but in my defense, blogger has been having issues with uploading pictures. I have tried several times to get this done but it would keep saying error when loading the pictures.

Anyway, on the the post....

Right after Grandparent's Day at Lindsey's school, we headed north to Oklahoma. We were going to be spending the weekend with my parents and brother and his family. The girls were excited and so was I. We certainly miss my parents living close by but I do love being able to go to their house and spend the night (or nights as the case may be). We never did that when they lived in Abilene so it is a perk of them living farther away.

Saturday morning, the kids were up early. Too early if you ask me. But my dad was up and already back from his run. And dad always jokes with Lindsey and asks if she is ever going to go running with him in the mornings. Well, this certain Saturday morning, she was up for it. As well as the other big kids. Given, they didn't go the normal x amount of miles with Dad. But they did jog down and around their cul-de-sac. That counts, right?

Before the run.
Lindsey making it back to the house.
Mimi and Reagan at the end of their "run".
Later that day, we squeezed in some pictures before the big egg hunt. This is the best one I got on my camera of the grandkids and grandparents. I love it! It's now my background for my computer.
And then, on to the hunting of little plastic, candy filled eggs. Dad counted down and Lindsey jumped the gun. :)
Reagan was loving it. She had so much fun finding eggs.
Lindsey found one at her level that the other kids didn't notice.
Lindsey looking cute and Reagan saying "Can I open this, please?"
More photo opps but Reagan dropped her basket which sent the eggs rolling down the steps. Thanks, Mimi, for picking them up.
I just LOVE this picture. Not sure where my little girl went but this picture is precious. She's getting so big.
Reagan helping Amy pick up some eggs of her own.
Sunday morning and Easter baskets. Lindsey was excited for all the goodies she had in her basket. Can you tell?
And Reagan was very interested in her new gummies.
After church and lunch, the kids got special Easter eggs from my mom and dad. Lindsey got silver and Reagan's was gold. They each had quarters in them and they thought it was the best thing ever.
They also each got a little velcro paddle game. These games are very entertaining and we have loved throwing the bunny up and trying to catch it again.
We had a great time and can't wait until we can spend more time at Mimi and Papa's house in July. I hope they are ready for us again!

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