Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reagan's Baby Blessing

Yes, you read that right. Baby blessing. No, Reagan is not a baby if you ask her. She is a big girl. However at Westgate they lump their baby blessings all together. And any new members with children 2 and under are also included. That would be us. Reagan is still 2 - although only for a couple more months. Anyway, she was included and got a new Bible and prayer said for her. So I guess my child is doubly blessed because after she was born we had a baby blessing at Willis. :)

An elder gives the "baby" a new Bible. This is Steve Templeton giving Reagan hers. He's great!
Maeleigh was also given a new Bible on this day. Kinda funny having Maeleigh and Reagan both being considered babies since Reagan is HUGE compared to Maeleigh.
And these are our really good friends, John and Brenna. They just recently adopted Grace into their family. She and Reagan are only about 4 months apart in age.
We had a lot of family there at church that Sunday. Here's most of us. Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Lydia were there too but somehow we never got a picture of them with us. Oh, and Manny's parents happened to be in town that weekend also and were able to go to church with them.

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