Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lindsey's Kindergarten Graduation (WHAT?!?)

How did this happen? How could my child be old enough to graduate from kindergarten? I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital? Wow - it's true what they say - time really does go by fast.

Well, here's just a bit of the celebration - hat and all!

Friday morning before graduation was a reception for the graduates and their families. Nothing huge, just a time for us to go and see their classroom one last time and watch a slideshow of their year. The teachers made copies for each of the students so if you ever have the desire to watch, I'm sure Lindsey would love to watch it again with you. She's only seen it about 20 times so far.
Each graduate also got a autograph dog. It was pure chaos trying to get each one to sign the others. Not sure if we ended up with all of them or not. This is Lindsey with her friend, Hannah, signing away.
Lindsey and Kase
The graduates
Lindsey with her teacher, Mrs. Haught (also known to me as Jackie)
Lindsey and Mrs. Lassetter
At graduation, the fifth grade and kindergarten put on a chapel for the rest of the elementary students. This is Lindsey with her 5th grade reading partner, Eva.
Lindsey receiving her diploma (yes, a true diploma) from Mr. Fisher.
Just a cute shot when she was trying to hide.
The graduate and her proud family.
Even Zen came to graduation.
My granddad didn't get to come to the actual graduation because of a doctors appointment. So we went by to see him. He was very proud of Lindsey too. (By the way, love this picture.)
And of course Reagan couldn't be there without taking a picture too. (This one is pretty good too.)
After all the fun of graduation, I figured we needed a graduation party. But in reality, I just wanted to have people over and cook out. This was just a good excuse to do it. On the table I set out some of Lindsey's graduation things - the flowers she got there, her cap, a bowl of blue and white York pieces, and a framed piece of work from school. Lindsey's teachers also gave this to her (and by her, I mean her parents). They had drawn a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Lindsey of course is all princess so future is apparently is as a princess.
We had a great day celebrating Lindsey. She has loved kindergarten and is looking forward to being in 1st grade next year. (She's even doing a 1st grade math workbook all on her own during the summer.) I think she likes to learn. What do you think?

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