Monday, August 31, 2009

Trip to Oklahoma

This past weekend, our family was able to go to Edmond to see my parents. The girls and I had been once before when mom and dad first moved but this was Robert's first time to their house. We got there around lunch time on Friday and went to Pei Wei, one of Lindsey's (and my) favorite places. Then we went on to my parent's house to take naps (well, Robert was supposed to work from there but we all knew how that would turn out).

Friday night we decided to go to Lake Hefner for dinner. The lake is pretty big and has a great walking/running/cycling trail around it. It also has several restaurants there and we wanted to try them out. My parents had heard that Mama Roja's was supposed to be good and with it being Mexican food, Robert was all for trying it. Turned out, it was really good.

While we were there, the sun was setting and we took lots of great pictures. I narrowed it down to just these two.

A cute little lighthouse that was near. And look at all the sailboats. Fun!

Saturday morning came and it was previously decided that we would head out the original Route 66 to a little place called Pop's. They have all kinds of soda pop and a little diner. I got french toast and it was so yummy. Robert had a big Belgium waffle and he also tried a new kind of root beer.

In the convenience store part of the place, there are hundreds of different drinks. They are lined up according to flavor. There were lemon drinks, root beer drinks, grape drinks, cola drinks, etc. Hundreds of them. So fun to see all the various kinds. After breakfast I went and got a Coca Cola made in Mexico. It was pretty close to what I was used to but with a little stronger flavor. It was good.

Lindsey with her masterpiece and some of the sodas lining the windows behind her.
It is really hard to get Reagan's attention for a picture. She had a cute smile in this one, too bad my dad wasn't looking and his finger was pointing at me. You can see the pop bottles better in the background here.
Outside they have this huge bottle. At night it is lit up in different colors. We saw some pictures of it that way and Lindsey decided she wants to go at night next time.
Reagan and Robert at the base of the soda pop bottle sculpture.
For dinner that night, we headed back out to Lake Hefner. We ate at Red Rock Canyon Grille. It was really good too. Also on the lake - also with great views of the sunset. So we took more pictures.

Reagan waiting for our table. Really wish she was smiling in this one. Oh, well.
My favorite scenery picture of the trip.
Lindsey went with Robert while he took the pictures and he snapped a few of her too.
I really wish her face was a little brighter here but it is still a great picture.
We had a great time and look forward to going back and doing more fun stuff. And Robert will take his bike next time so that he can ride around the lake. He was kicking himself for not taking it this time. We have already told my dad that he needs to get a bike too so that they can go and do that together and all the girls can play at one of the playgrounds that we saw. Maybe after the ride and playing, we could try another of the restaurants. We'll see.


Kathylou said...

The lake is beautiful. I don't always think of Oklahoma as having so many lakes, but it does. I hope that your parents are doing well up there.

Jessica said...

You got some really great photos. It sounds like a fun, and yummy, trip.