Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jamaica - Days One and Two

Many of you know that I turned 30 back in May. For my birthday, Robert surprised me with a trip to Jamaica. We weren't able to go then because of various reasons but we planned the trip for the first part of August. We left last Thursday and got back Tuesday and we loved every minute of it. Well, okay, not every minute. Like the 120 minutes of our first plane delay at DFW. Or the Atlanta layover that was 305 minutes. But other than that - every minute was enjoyable!

More about the delays - Our flight from DFW was supposed to leave at 7:15 Thursday morning. We woke up at 3:45 and were walking out the door and Robert got an automated call from Delta that told us our flight was delayed two hours. If only they would have known that a storm was going to come in and make everything late the night before that would have been awesome! But I guess the people at the airport aren't God and they didn't know that would happen. Oh, well, we were up so we went ahead to the airport and checked in. Not too bad - we got breakfast and Ashley and I people watched (one of my favorite things to do). Robert found other ways to fill his time...

or on the computer!
We finally made it onto the plane around 9:00 and we were so excited! We were on the way - but only to Atlanta :(
But still excited to be going somewhere. These are our friends, Austin and Ashley Burnett who went on the trip with us. Good company!
Then we got to Atlanta to catch our connecting flight - but wait, we were two hours late which meant that our connecting flight left without us on it. So this is where the 305 minutes of not much fun comes in. We got there, ate at On the Border (which Robert cannot complain about), then did more people watching, and sleeping. Ashley and I walked around a bit and found a yummy ice cream place there. Oh, I forgot to say that our gate was changed and we kinda got lost trying to find the new gate. Oh, well, memories!

I thought this picture opportunity was perfect - the sign behind Robert says "Almost There" and yes, we were almost there but not quite!
Back on a plane - yipee! On the way to Jamaica, finally!
We all look happy don't we? A few hours before these pictures were taken, not so much!
We made it. This was just about the first sign we saw after getting off the plane and of course I had to take a picture of it for my dad and brother-in-law, Arthemon.
Day two started with me looking out from our balcony. If you try really hard you can see the ocean between the trees and the building.
Austin and Robert wasted no time in getting into the ocean - sea kayaking. What fun!
Just a pretty picture that I took from where we were relaxing on the beach.
Another pretty shot. Yes, with my feet in it.
After kayaking, the guys went out on this boat (don't know what it was called).
All the restaurants were closed in the resort for a "street party" on Friday night. It was great - lots of food spread out everywhere. Enjoyable times talking with new people at our table. Then crazy people dancing everywhere. It was hot and loud but lots of fun.

Robert relaxing before dinner Friday night.


Leah said...

Amazing trip!!!

Amy Voss said...

I should've talked to you before you left and told you that you can't get a very good tan laying in the shade. :)

Jessica said...

Stinky layovers are never fun. Robert didn't waste anytime on the adventures though!