Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jamaica - Day Five

Another beautiful day in Jamaica. Oh, how I wish I could go back. But this time I would want to take my precious children. Missed them way too much!

Just a pretty tree and view of the ocean. Oh, and the waves were crazy on Monday.
Ashley and I spent most of our vacation pretty much just like this. Swimsuits on, towels spread out, and books ready to read. Loved it all!
Robert and I ventured down to the water and of course had to document the occasion.
Oh, Oh. Robert had his first manicure and pedicure while we were there. At the resort, our first mani and pedi were complementary so he said, "Sure, why not?" Otherwise, I seriously doubt that he would have done it. This is the before shot of his tootsies.
And after. And, yes, he had the Jamaica flag painted on one of his toes. Funny! But to defend his masculinity , it wasn't his idea.
After being pampered, we decided to head back to the beach and do some more relaxing and reading. You know those manicures and pedicures wear you out.
Big waves and a big boat. The cruise boat did come close enough that we could tell it was a Carnival ship.
Dressed up again for dinner. This time at Munasan, the Japanese restaurant.
Our chef was great. He picked Ashley to help him cook. She apparently did a great job. I loved the chicken.
While our chef was cooking, he would sing songs. Then when he heard Robert singing along, he would pause so that Robert could finish the phrase. It was great. He then tried to stump Robert but it just didn't happen except for a few times. Then we turned the tables and sang songs for him. He didn't know many of our songs though. So after all that bonding and singing, I had to get a picture of our dinner entertainers.
Outside the restaurant.
With Ashley and me is Shantel, one of the entertainment directors at the resort. She was so much fun. The first night at the Jamaican Street Party, we had several times where we were talking to her. Then throughout our visit there, we would see her and she would stop and chat with us for a while. It was great. She was fun to get to know. She is working to save money so that she can go to college. She plans to go in Kingston (the capital of Jamaica) and she wants to get her degree in architecture. Very cool, huh, dad?
And yes, she was dressed as a policewoman. Each night at the resort was a different theme. This night happened to be "Uniform Night". We also saw a guy in dressed in camo. It was fun. This was our last night in Jamaica. We were a bit sad. But like I said earlier, I was missing my girls. So I was kinda ready to get home.


Jessica said...

I super love Japanese table top cooking. I think it might be my favorite meal ever! Go Robert! Way to enjoy that free pedicure!

Jenni said...

nice pedicure Robert! love the flag!!